Thursday, February 16, 2006

How could you be depressed with all this gorgeous yarn (and supplies)? If you had to deal with what I did (I can't be more specific, unfortunately) you would. When I could fall asleep last night I dreamt of sock yarn. So when I couldn't get back to sleep I tried to remember the sock yarn.

However, I did get a gorgeous package from my Knitty SP! I love the Valentine's theme!

Also, in my many packages this week (since BR is home I did get in a bit of trouble ;( ), I received what I will be using for my Sockapaloooza socks. My pal likes bright colors, and I ordered three different yarns but this was the brightest so I decided to use it. I'm planning on doing Cookie's Pomatomus pattern.

Here is the status of my Olympics project:

And my Special Olympics project:

I have to work on the gloves more often since as you may remember they're for my LYS and they already gave them to and took them back from someone else, and they were a commissioned piece from a customer. But the yarn is a pain. I've already had to cut some out because it was so tangled, and rip back because my weaving ends came out and it looked horrible. I'm about at row 25 of 50 rows before the thumb gusset, so getting there.


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